Hello, I’m David Orión Pena

I’m a Spanish psychologist, editor and writer, and I haven’t been quiet since 1994. I always knew I wanted to understand people better and connect with others through stories. I write short stories, comic scripts and novelettes, but my real passion are audiodramas and podcast. I’m behind Dos: After You, the first queer horror bilingual podcast, and I aim to keep creating content in several languages with diverse and intimate stories, tales that speak of humanity, love and change. I write, produce, direct and even work as a VA. And as I create, I help develope: I work as an editor and sensitivity reader in both Spanish and English.
Stories can touch souls and change the way we view the world and how we live in it. To be touched is a dangerous thing.

«Words are living things. They have point of view, personality, agenda»

—Hannibal Lecter, NBC’s Hannibal

Esta es la idea que transmito a través de lo que escribo y el material con el que trabajo como editor. Correcciones, ediciones, lecturas de sensibilidad y creación de contenido.
Estoy aquí para crear una nueva vida, y ayudarte a que lo que tú has escrito salga al mundo tal y cómo tú lo ves.